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Impact of Music

Last night I could not sleep so I began listening to Pandora radio, the Michael W. Smith channel. While I was listening I heard Third Day’s Rise Up from the Album Wherever You Are album.  The song brought me back to a place in my life that was very stressful and I was feeling like I had made many bad choices.

During that dark time in my life, I had bought the Third Day album and that song specifically kept me going and continuing to get up and go to work every day. The words,   “so rise up  my friend no this will not be the end”, were my anthem for about six months. I remember feeling very frustrated, stressed out and questioning why God had brought me to this place. HIS answer kept coming to me with not only with the words this will not be the end but the lyrics;

you’ve tried so hard to make it on your own

That your heart has come undone

so I am here to prove that I alone

Have the power to over come

another verse that really spoke to me was;

Don’t let your heart be troubled

this world will never keep you down

it will never keep you down

The impact that one song has on someone’s life can be immense. I still felt the comfort that the song gave me that what I do in my everyday life has an impact for his kingdom and I need to be working toward that end not the world’s end or for people who are just in the world.  Enjoy the video of this song.