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Beta by Rachel Cohn

Elysia is the first teen clone who has been purchased to serve a family on Demesne. She was purchased to be a companion clone for the Governor’s wife and to whip his son into shape to prepare  for a life in the military. Elysia immediately realizes that she is not as she should be she can tastes chocolate and has memories from her first’s life.  As life on Demesne settles in Elysia discovers that she is not the only clone that has human qualities and that there is a movement under way to band these clones together to free them from those that they serve.

This story written by best-selling author Rachel Cohn intrigued me from the beginning. The premise is very believable but the pacing towards the middle of the book seems to be rushed.   As the character, Elysia, is revealed many teens can identify wanting to become their own persons and “freeing” themselves from the lives that they are leading. The story does have a lot of drug use where the clones and inhabitants imbibe to escape the lives that they live. The romances between Elysia and two characters seem to be rushed, they do set up an unexpected twist at the end setting up for the next book.  Those willing to overlook the quick romance and the slow pacing in the middle will be rewarded for the unexpected twist that will leave you wondering what will happen next.

* I received an electronic copy of this title through Net Galley.