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Just A Kiss

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

Just a Kiss (Summer Harbor #3)

Riley joined the army to avoid watching his best friend, Paige and his brother in their relationship. Riley has known Paige all his life and has fallen for his best friend. When he hears that his brother and Paige have broken up, Riley plans to come home and declare his fillings. But as best laid plans happen, he returns from Afghanistan missing a leg. His feelings put distance between Paige and him. She desires to help her best friend but doesn’t understand his actions towards her.

Denise Hunter always writes fast paced  romantic novels. This title is the last of the Summer Harbor series but can be read as a standalone. Reading this title you can tell there is more of a back story between the characters but can still enjoy this story. She is a master when it comes to family and romance stories. The side romance between the other characters, Sheriff Colton and Aunt Trudy, is sweet. Readers quickly find themselves  rooting for each character to complete the romance. Ms. Hunter places obstacles for each couple but the resolution of them is nicely paced. Just a Kiss is an enjoyable quick read for fans of romantic fiction and of Ms. Hunter. If I had read the first two in the series, I might have given it a higher review. Give this title to any Denise Hunter fan or any Romantic Christian fan who enjoys a quick read and revolves around families.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Thomas Nelson for an honest review.


Place to Belong

Place to BelongA Place to Belong by Lauraine Snelling

Cassie Lockwood is recovering from an injury at the Engstrom ranch.  She lost most of her belongings except the Engstrom ranch which she recently discovered she co-owns. Cassie had grown up performing with her dad in a Wild West show until he died and she and her friends lost their jobs with the closing of the wild west show. Cassie finds herself feeling comfortable with the Engstrom family and eventually becomes engaged to Lucas one of the two sons. Her growing feelings for the other brother, Ransom complicates matter and threatens to upset the place where she feels she belongs.

This title is the last in the series Wild West Wind. This title can be read as a stand alone to the series without having read the other two in the series but probably more enjoyable if you have read the entire series. Lauraine Snelling does not disappoint her fans with this western story. The characters are believable and the reader begins to root for Ransom to make his feelings known to Cassie. The story was well-paced but not what I would say a page turner. If you like stories where character development and relationships are in the forefront, this is the book for you.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through NetGalley from Bethany House for an honest review.

The Quarryman’s Bride

Quarryman'sQuarryman’s Bride by Tracie Peterson

Emmalyne Knox had her life set before her. She was set to marry Tavain MacLachlan a neighbor’s son and her one true love until a tornado hit her town. She, her brother and parents lost her two sisters in the tornado. That one event changed her and Tavin’s life forever. Her father decided that her place was to take care of her parents instead of honoring her promise to Tavin. Emmalyne decided that she need to honor her parents going along with the commandment honor thy father and mother. Ten years later, her family comes back to town and the fight for her feelings begin.

I have to say that I am a fan of Tracie Peterson. Her stories always show God’s love and that even though we don’t always understand the journey we take, God has a plan for each of us. Tracie Peterson does not disappoint her fans in this book. The story unfolds with conflict between Tavin’s father and the Union and Emmalyne’s father who works for Tavin’s father. Through a variety of conflicts both families learn about forgiveness, love and the power of prayer. The character’s are revealed and written where you care about each of them. The story is well-paced and kept this reader wanting to read to find out if Emmalyne and Tavin would find each other.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through NetGalley from Bethany House for an honest review.

The House That Love Built

house that love builtThe House That Love Built by Beth Wiseman

Brooke Holloway lives in the town where she grew up and married her childhood sweetheart. Everything was going so well for her, they had two kids and each had their own business until her husband was killed. Owen was betrayed by his wife with his business partner. After the divorce, he decided to start over kind of .. with building a life in a town his ex-wife always wanted to live in and in the house she always wanted. Both Owen and Brooke swore off any romances but built a friendship through mutual loneliness and the need for Owen to remodel his home while Brooke owned the hardware store he needed.

This book is a quick and enjoyable read. The characters are believable and the author shows how their struggles keep their hearts at bay. The story is about true forgiveness and the understanding that family can come from common needs and love not just because of blood. Brooke is a strong character with a firm faith in God while Owen’s faith had been shaken by the betrayal of his wife. Through the interaction with each other and the other characters in the story,Owen finds his way back to God. I would recommend this to any person who likes characters who struggle with life while finding God.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through the BookSneeze program for an honest review.


betrayalBetrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher

In 1881 in Wyoming, Julia Grace has lost husband and is trying to make ago of the ranch left behind by her husband.  As a single woman in the west with little experience of ranching her life begins to take a change when a drifter wanders on to her land. This story is not only a love story but one of trusting in God and his plan.  The scripture Ms. Hatcher leads the story with sets the tone of this historical fiction… And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.  Psalm 9:10 NASB

This is the second novel in the Where The Heart Lives series, and continues the story of Brennan siblings. Although this novel is part of the series, it can be read as a stand alone. I found Betrayal as a quick and enjoyable read. Ms. Hatcher reveals the back story of Grace’s life and why she is hesitant to trust anyone while revealing a little more about Hugh and his struggles which have led him to be hesitant to trust anyone. The reader can easily identify with the each character through their struggles earlier in their life. Although this story is listed as a historical fiction, the time period is definitely in the past, the story itself could have been told in the present. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a light romance.

Note: I received a copy of this title from publisher, Thomas Nelson through their book sneeze program.

His Love Endures Forever by Beth Wiseman

His Love Endures Forever by Beth Wiseman

Eighteen-year-old Danielle Kent lives in Canaan, Colorado an Amish community.  She lives with a couple who have invited her into their home after leaving her own mother. The couple is not Amish but have been accepted by the community even being allowed to attend their services. Danielle has flourished in Canaan with her best friend Levi and her substitute mother, Martha. Her happiness is threatened when her boyfriend leaves her once he discover she is pregnant.

This story will not disappoint Beth Wiseman fans. Many of the characters are reintroduced from the Land of Canaan and Daughters of Promise series.  The book is a quick and easy read. It has a few subplots that helps tie the story to others in the series. The characters continue to be developed in this story while interacting with this new character Danielle. The story allows readers to understand not only a little more about the Amish faith but the heartaches of the Amish mothers who see their children reject their faith and those that stay true to their upbringing. If you like Amish fiction this title will not disappoint.

Note: I received a copy of this title from publisher, Thomas Nelson through their book sneeze program.

Just Flirt

Just Flirt by Laura Bowers

Dee Barton is glad that Summer is finally upon her so she can practice her nine rules of flirting. Dee lives in a campground with her mom and looks at the boys coming to stay at the campground as potential flirt material. She works at the campground for the summer with her friend, Natalie and a new girl on the scene Roxanne. The situations that these girls find themselves in will frustrate the reader and at the same time cheer  the girls on.

This book is told in two format, via a blog entries from an anonymous writer and in story form. It is a quick read while still with the message that a boy does not need to make the girl. It  is a rather strong female message without being preachy. I would recommend this to any teen that likes a little romance, a little revenge and a quick light read.