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Rodeo Time!

I don’t know when I began loving the rodeo. It might have been all of those westerns I read when I was a kid or the love of horses that I had growing up. I collected the plastic horses depicted in all of those horse stories that were available in the seventies. My sister collected Alexander dolls and I collected Justin Morgan plastic horses. I also subscribed to Horses magazine. As a special treat growing up, my mom would sacrifice and save money to enable me to get an hour of riding lesson at local stables. I looked forward and worked hard at school to get time riding horses.

Fast forward many years. We moved to Covington and every June I saw the signs for the Shadydale rodeo. Up until a few years ago, our work schedule prevented us from going to the rodeo. Last night we attended the rodeo and I am very appreciative that my husband agreed to go with me. He worked all day outside and was exhausted but was a trooper last night.

The Shadydale rodeo is a great community event. There is bull riding, roping, barrel racing and other events. The trick riding varies from year to year and never disappoints. This year there were two Texan steers that were driven up a horse trailer. I truly enjoyed the night out!!