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Tripping in Portland

Two weeks ago, I spent four days in Portland, Oregon. I was there for a library conference and learned a lot about serving teens.

While there I was also able to experience the city both on my own and from my cousin and a friend. I found Portland very European with the setup. I was able to ride the rail into the city center and to my first hotel. I had my luggage in tow with me similar with my trips to Ireland.

I found Portland to be a clean city. They had folks picking up trash all along the way around the rail system. It appears to be a rather young city as far a people living there. It seemed like most people seemed to be under the age of 40 years old. There were a few homeless and pan handlers but not anything like Atlanta.

I enjoyed my visit to the Portland Saturday Market. It is on the riverfront and has many different ethnic cuisines to eat. There are a variety of merchants selling their wares. If I was not so cheep, I could have bought a mandolin for $50. I just didn’t want to try to carry it with my luggage on the rail.

I highly recommend a trip to Portland, Oregon if you get a chance. I hope to come back and see more of the surrounding areas. Here are some pictures I took while I was there.