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Westward Hearts

Westward Hearts by Melody Carlson

Elizabeth Martin and her deceased husband had always talked about heading west from Kentucky. Elizabeth had placed that dream on hold just to keep her family going after the death of her husband. It wasn’t until her jilted brother decided to head west that her dream was reignited. After She and her brother decided to pick up their lives and move west, their parents decided to join the journey. The journey begins and the story depicts the joys and sadness of traveling west in a wagon train.

Melody Carlson uses the character of Elizabeth to show a strong Godly women who with her faith faces the trials and tribulations on a wagon trail heading west. The characters were believable and I found myself empathizing with Elizabeth with each obstacle that she encountered. The romance that developed and began to take hold in the later pages made me yearn for the next installment of this series, Homeward on the Oregon Trail. Recommended if you like historical fiction.

Note: I received a galley ebook from the publisher Harvest House Publisher via NetGalley.