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Last week we went fishing at our favorite spot at the Charlie Elliot Fishing area. We used to catch some nice bass but recently they have added sterile grass carp into the bigger lakes. I have been hooked on top water fishing. There is nothing like it when you see the bass come up from the back and then engulf a lure and the fight is on. With the sterile grass carp, we have not seen as many bass.

When the carp get on the lures they have such strong teeth they cut the line almost every time. We really should be fishing with 10-15 lb line instead of the 5-10 lb line we typically use. I like to fish with a lighter line so I can fish for bass or for smaller fish such as blue gill.

With the introduction of the grass carp, the following is what I have learned. They have been introduced to reduce grass in many lakes. It is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly since there are no pesticides used. It was introduced in 1963 by Auburn University and the United States Bureau of Sport Fisheries to introduce a more sporting fish. (For more information see this article by the Warnell School at the University of Georgia.

Although, I’m sure grass carp are fun to fish. I still would rather fish for bass. I guess the next time I go, I’ll need to put a bigger line on one of my lines so I can at least try to land a carp.