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Letting Go

This week I went out to my car to go home and realized that my parking brake had broken. My car is quickly approaching 200,000 miles and parts for my car are no longer being made. Lucky for me I have a great mechanic who was able to find a used part in the junk yard.  I must to begin to think that I might have to find another car in the next few years.

The Fall is  a time that I have learned that I must learn to let go. I have had to say goodbye to many family members during the Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fall. Football, cooler weather, hunting and all of the holidays are what I love most about the Fall. As I get older, I realize that nothing is forever (except my life with Jesus). However, living things and a variety of material things all wear out over time. I have written quite often about my dog getting older. Senility has really set in and he can be very frustrating at times. While I will have to let him go in the future, I am trying my best to appreciate the time  I have with him. What have you learned to let go?