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Storm by Evan Angler

StormStorm by Evan Angler

In the future every thirteen year-old receives a mark that allows them to get things to eat, shop, school or even medical care. Without the mark, a person does not qualify for anything for life as we know it. Logan Langley went to get his mark when he turned thirteen but back out. He has been on the run since he refused his mark and has begun looking for his sister, Lily who also refused her mark. Logan along with several others have joined up to band together. These teens have become leaders of the markless revolution.  In this series, the markless revolution seeks out to find a cure for an epidemic that is killing both marked and markless.

Storm is the third in the Swipe series. There are many characters in this story who bring the story forward. This title is not a standalone. In order to understand Storm, the other books give both background in the story and explain the relationships between the characters. The story is fast-paced and keeps the reader on edge to see if the cure can be found in time.  The ending leaves the story incomplete and a fourth installment eagerly in anticipation. This novel is recommended to those who like dystopian. The story also reminds readers of the “end of times” and could be enjoyed by fans of Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind Series for children.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through NetGalley from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.