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Adding to the family

Around three weeks ago we adopted a border collie. This year old was found wandering the streets and was picked up. He was passed along from a vet office to a few homes. We adopted him from the Circle of Friends rescue organization.

Aiden is a wonderful dog and full of energy. I think he has medium herding instincts that have made living with cats an experience. It has taken him about two weeks to be able to come up to our oldest cat, Leon, and give him sniffs and kisses. The other two cats have not been as successful but I have every hope that they will be come tolerant.

I had forgotten how much work and how much a of a schedule a border collie requires. Since Seamus, was with us for fifteen years and for the last five he had slowed down immensely he did not require as much attention as far as walking, etc.. Seamus also never really had very strong herding instincts.

Aiden likes to go for long walks but he is not completely leash trained so I have purchased a leader collar. (this has helped a whole lot.) He also likes to fetch his discs and push around a soccer ball. I hope to eventually to work with him to get him to really start doing tricks and long throws with discs.

The best story so far was when we were bringing him home. (It also reminded me that just like kids when dogs are very quite, they might very well be into something they should not…!) As Aiden was riding in the back seat he was going from window to window. We had been at our small group gathering and had received a small container of candy. (We unfortunately, didn’t know that the candy had spilled over. ) Aiden had been very noisy for about fifteen minutes and then was quite. I had assumed that he had tired himself out and had laid down to rest.  A few minutes later, Paul said do you smell peppermint? I did but I couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from inside the truck. A few minutes later, I heard Aiden munching on something. I unbuckled my seat belt and twisted around until I could reach him. I discovered that he had a root beer candy in his mouth. We can only assume that he had eaten a peppermint earlier.

I can’t wait to see what other stories I will be sharing over the many years we will have with Aiden. I knew that getting another border collie was going to be a lot of work but there will be so many rewards. A side benefit is that I’m getting a lot of exercise. Stay tuned for more stories….