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Be the Message


Be the Message by Kerry and Chris Shook

This book written in four parts talks about how Christians should live there life in such a way that their life reflects Jesus and the gospels. Each section is subdivided into chapters. These chapters are broken into sub themes of the section and ends in questions and actions for the reader to perform deepening themselves and then applying to their relationships with others. The sections in the book are Transforming: your words into a life message; Discovering: your unique life message; Understanding: The message that confounds the world and Taking: your message to the world around you.

The book was an easy read. The stories that the authors shared with their experiences and they learned to “Be the Message” spoke true to the reader. The chapters each dig deeper and challenge the reader to start with changing how their life shows the message of the gospels to a life of action. Not only due the authors share their struggles through their own experiences, they back up each point with specific scripture. The challenges, at the end of each chapter, helped the reader apply what they were learning and gave specific action steps to further the understanding of what be the message should look like. The book should be recommended to christians who are looking for additional resources or books that challenge their following of the great commission. Matthew 28:16-20.

Note: I received an electronic copy of this title from Net Galley and the publisher, WaterBrook Press.