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Treasured Grace

Treasured Grace (Heart of the Frontier #1)

Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson

Grace Martindale has known more than her share of hardship. After her parents died, raising her two younger sisters became her responsibility. A hasty marriage to a minister who is heading to the untamed West seemed like an opportunity for a fresh start, but a cholera outbreak along the wagon trail has left Grace a widow in a very precarious position.

Having learned natural remedies and midwifery from her mother, Grace seeks an opportunity to use her skills for the benefit of others. So when she and her sisters arrive at the Whitman mission in “Oregon Country,” she decides to stay rather than push on.

With the help of Alex Armistead, a French-American fur trapper, Grace begins to provide care for her neighbors, including some of the native populace. But not everyone welcomes her skills–or her presence–and soon Grace finds herself and those she loves in more danger than she imagined possible. – from the Publisher

Author Tracie Peterson is back writing historical fiction. This is the good news about Treasured Grace. The novel places the reader among the true incident of the Whitman massacre and through the events of the novel, the reader sees how such an event could affect both victim and community. The subjects touched on are not light but true to the historical time.

The character of Grace did not seem as developed or written in such a way that this reader did not have investment into her. There was a little bit of a romance but it did not seem to be the focal point of the story. For those looking for romance, another Tracie Peterson novel would suit the reader’s taste. For readers who like historical fiction and learning about an event not well known outside of the west, take this read for a spin.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Bethany House for an honest review.


Just A Kiss

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

Just a Kiss (Summer Harbor #3)

Riley joined the army to avoid watching his best friend, Paige and his brother in their relationship. Riley has known Paige all his life and has fallen for his best friend. When he hears that his brother and Paige have broken up, Riley plans to come home and declare his fillings. But as best laid plans happen, he returns from Afghanistan missing a leg. His feelings put distance between Paige and him. She desires to help her best friend but doesn’t understand his actions towards her.

Denise Hunter always writes fast paced  romantic novels. This title is the last of the Summer Harbor series but can be read as a standalone. Reading this title you can tell there is more of a back story between the characters but can still enjoy this story. She is a master when it comes to family and romance stories. The side romance between the other characters, Sheriff Colton and Aunt Trudy, is sweet. Readers quickly find themselves  rooting for each character to complete the romance. Ms. Hunter places obstacles for each couple but the resolution of them is nicely paced. Just a Kiss is an enjoyable quick read for fans of romantic fiction and of Ms. Hunter. If I had read the first two in the series, I might have given it a higher review. Give this title to any Denise Hunter fan or any Romantic Christian fan who enjoys a quick read and revolves around families.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

Sarah’s Surrender


Sarah’s Surrender by Vickie McDonough

Sarah Worley has lived with the Coulter’s for several years after escaping a situation that greatly impacted her outlook on life. Luke McNeil also lived with the Coulter’s as their foreman and best friend of Gabe Coulter. Luke and Sarah have been friends for years but for Luke his feelings for Sarah have changed. He asks her to marry him but she rejects him setting out instead to journey and try to win the lottery in the Oklahoma land lottery. Will Luke change her mind about himself and men in general?

This entry is the third in the Land Rush Dreams series by Vickie McDonough. This title can be read as a standalone. The pacing is fast and the characters while not deeply flushed out are written in such a way that the reader learns to care about Sarah and Luke and root them on both individually and as a potential couple. This story is one of independence and forgiveness.  Readers who enjoy historical fiction, stories with family focus and a gentle romance will enjoy this book.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Barbour Publishing for an honest review.

The House on Winridge

The House on Windridge

The House on Winridge by Tracie Peterson

Jessica grew up in New York raised by her very proper and societal aunt. Jessica’s mom died in childbirth and her father could not handle raising his baby girl on his own. Jessica through the years spent a little time with her father at Windridge, her father’s home. After the death of her father, Jessica inherits Windridge and comes home to find out that she was always loved even from afar.

Tracie Peterson never disappoints her fans. This title is no exception and is an enjoyable read. Ms. Peterson is a master of developing characters that the reader grows to care about and root on until the end. She uses the character’s insecurities to show how God can use people in a person’s life to show how God is in control and loved by him and others. Reader’s who like simple love stories, characters that are well written and fast-paced plots will enjoy this quick read. It is one of the shortest titles I have read from Tracie Peterson.

A plus to this book is an additional story by Joyce Livingston! Juliette Baker Mason has traveled with her new son and family out west to Kansas. Juliette’s father has taken as manager of the towns hotel but the hotel’s future comes into jeopardy as well as Juliette’s future. This fast-paced romantic story kept this reader, saying just one more chapter… The plot keeps the reader wanting to keep turning the page to find out the fate of Juliette and her infant son. Ms. Livingston writes in such a way that the reader can empathize Juliette’s dilemma and final decision to secure her family’s future. Faith is shown through the pages but in such a way that it is through the character’s actions and thoughts not in a preachy way. Give this book to any reader who loves gentle, quick reads and they will be happy with two stories in one book.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Barbour Publishing   for an honest review.

A Fistful of God


A Fistful of God by Theresa M. Travis

Aidyn Pierce does not drink, she has seen first-hand what drinking can do a person. Although she still suffers with alcoholism. She had that perfect family until her dad died and then everything changed. Her mom suffering through grief turns to alcohol. Aidyn has heard it all before that her mom will change, quit drinking, etc. all of these would allow Aidyn to turn back from having to become the adult to being the teen she should be instead. Aidyn’s mom asks her to go to church and that’s when she sees that she might not be alone in this situation. Will Aidyn’s mom quit drinking? Will the church youth group her mom suggests she attend make things easier?

This story reveals a side of life for many teens either in their own life or one of their friend’s life. Ms. Travis writes each character in such a way that many teens will identify with one or more of the characters. This novel is well written and very thought provoking. Even if the reader has not experienced alcoholism in their life, they can learn that sometimes just being a friend and reaching out to another can change a person’s life or at the very least, diminish the loneliness. Give this to a teen who likes realistic fiction. This novel would be good for a book discussion group.

Second Half

Second Half by Lauraine Snelling

Mona and Ken Sorenson were beginning the second half of their life. Mona was looking forward to spending more time building her business and Ken was retiring from the university he had spent giving his passion to over the first half of his life. All of that changed with a phone call from their son telling them that he was being deployed and they would be taking care of their two young grandchildren.

The story is engaging and although the circumstances vary, often in today’s society the story of many older adults. Ms. Snelling captures the issues that many couples face as they begin to retire and start the second half of their life. Readers, who are of that age, will identify with Mona and Ken. Ms. Snelling shows how faith can help people work through the surprises that we can encounter in life. This story as most of Ms. Snelling’s offerings is a family story. Readers who like to read about how families interact to certain situations and how their interactions effect each other will throughly enjoy this book. Recommend this book to fans of Ms. Snelling and those who enjoy family focused books.

I received The Second Half by Lauraine Snelling compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups through Edlewiss in exchange for my honest review.

Traces of Guilt

Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

Evie Blackwell is an Illinois State Police detective who has been appointed by the Governor to be part of a cold case team. She likes her job and is driven by solving cases. Her desire to give her best, causes her to take a weeks vacation to get a jump on three cold cases that her team will be exploring in Carin, Illinois. Through her investigating the three cases she meets the Thane family, including sheriff Gabriel Thane.

Gabriel, the local sheriff, loves Carin, police work and his family. He took over the sheriff’s job from his father. His live has revolved around good friends, community, family and his work. He one day hopes to settle down and raise a family but for now enjoys his life. Evie and Gabriel form a friendship through the investigations that lead them on many different paths.

This story is a quick and enjoyable read. It is the beginning of a new series for Dee Henderson. Ms. Henderson’s fans will not be disappointed and find many familiar characters within this story.  Ms. Henderson continues to develop characters within her many stories in such a way that readers can pick up any title and enjoy the mystery while at the same time, long time readers feel that they are keeping up with old friends, they have found in earlier works.

For new fans ,this book can be read as a standalone but reading Ms. Henderson’s previous works will help make the characters feel like old friends. Her characters are believable and at least one of the cases had an unexpected ending.If readers are looking for fast plot driven mysteries they might disappointed by this title.  Recommend this title to readers who enjoy character -based stories with a good mystery.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Bethany House Publishers.