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igniteNKJV Ignite Bible for Teens

This is the first bible I have reviewed. One of the first features that I saw and loved was the books, chapter and verse are on the front side of the bible. It made finding a verse very fast and I wished all of the bibles I used had this feature. This bible designed for teens has a great orange theme which stands out.

There are a hundred readings that take God’s story from Genesis to Acts. ┬áThese spotlights can be started anywhere in the bible. I found myself following my church’s reading plan and then getting side track by the spotlights following themes. The bible also has white hot topics which are boxes that address issues that many people encounter but especially teens. These topics range from losing your temper to worshiping idols. The perfect thing to share with other believers and discussing in small groups.

This bible is very teen friendly and I would recommend it to any teen especially teens that are familiar with the New King’s James style.

Note: I received a copy of this title from publisher, Thomas Nelson through their book sneeze program.