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More Than We Can Tell

More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

Rev Fletcher is battling his past demons with his loving adoptive parents support. He is an outcast at school but is supported by his best friend, Declan. Rev keeps his demons at bay until he gets a letter from his abusive dad.

Emma Blue lives for her computer coding and game development. She wants to be just like her dad but her home life comes to head with her parents crumbling relationships. They meet at a church property where they begin to share their challenges and find common ground.

This story is a standalone but revisits the characters of Ms. Kemmerer’s first book, Letters to the Lost. The story moves quickly with the reader cheering on both characters to overcome the obstacles in their lives. The romance is sweet and building through out the story. Readers whom enjoy rich characters will devour this read. A glimpse into the foster care system will bring empathy to readers through the telling of the secondary character, Matt. Real life issues such as divorce, abuse and foster care are seen through the characters life and the reader gains an appreciation of what teens dealing with these issues see in their lives. Highly recommended to fans of Letters to the Lost and realistic fiction.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Bloomsbury Children’s in exchange for an honest review.


Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes by Tracie Peterson, Kimberly Woodhouse

Collette and Jean-Michel Langelier leave France after World War I and head to America. They are trying to forget the death of their dad and end up in Alaska. Jean-Michel is trying to deal with the aftermath of serving in the war and the lost of his love. They come to the Curry Hotel.

Katherine Demarchis has recently lost her husband. The marriage was an arranged marriage and very abusive. Katherine had given up on life but her grandmother determined to bring Katherine back to the girl she was gets her granddaughter to travel to Alaska with her.

The Curry Hotel is the place where Katherine and Jean -Michel reacquaint themselves after the war and a forced marriage have separated them. They each have their issues to work through before they can work on their relationship.

Out of the Ashes is the second book in The Heart of Alaska series.  The book can be read as a stand alone  with the story revolving around the new characters. However, the reader will enjoy the story more if they have read the first in the series to fill in the narrative of the other characters. The previous title also gives the reader more background about the Curry Hotel. Continuing the Heart of Alaska series,  Ms. Peterson quickly grabs the reader into the characters’ life and fills in the backstory of Jean-Michel and Katherine leading the reader to anticipate their meeting and how the plot will continue. The background and other characters in the book support the historical feel of the novel. Readers of historical fiction will enjoy this quick read. Ms. Peterson’s fans will devour this title and anticipate the next title in the series.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

Follow Me

Follow Me (The Amateurs, #2)

Follow Me  by Sara Shepard

It was the perfect night for a party.
That is, until twenty-one-year-old Chelsea Dawson disappeared. The social media star was last seen enjoying a beautiful summer night at the Jersey Shore with her friends. But after an explosive fight with her ex-boyfriend, she vanished without a trace.
When Seneca, Maddox, Aerin, and Madison hear about the suspected kidnapping, they notice a jarring detail about the victim: she looks exactly like Aerin’s sister, Helena, who was killed five years earlier. Seneca is convinced she knows who killed Helena, and she can’t shake the feeling that the same person has taken Chelsea.
Desperate for answers about the two girls, and the truth behind her mother’s murder, Seneca will stop at nothing to find out if the cases are linked. So when Maddox receives an invitation to the Shore from none other than their primary suspect, the Amateurs begin an intense new investigation.

This is the second title in Sara Shepard’s new series following the Pretty Little Liars series. This title can be read without reading the first in the series. Throughout the book, Sara Shephard does a good job in informing the reader information that was revealed in the first book while moving the story forward without confusing the reader. The book was a read with a little mystery of who killed Seneca’s mom but left the reader hanging at the end wondering who is the killer. The book seemed to drag in the middle but did have enough twists and turns to keep the reader forging ahead until the end. For this reader, it seemed a little unrealistic that these teens would have been allowed to go to another town to solve a death mystery. Fans of Sara  Shepard’s previous series will probably overlook the teens ability to go solve the mystery without adults and will be drawn to wait for the next title for the series.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Disney Book Group in exchange for an honest review.

You’re Gonna Love Me

You’re Gonna Love Me by Robin Lee Hatcher

Samantha Winters moves to Thunder Creek to take care of her grandmother who has fallen off of a horse. Gran’s hero who helped her get to the hospital is none other than her old boyfriend, Nick. Samantha and Nick reconnect awkwardly but are encouraged by  her grandmother to keep on seeing each other. The past keeps on cropping back up and Samantha’s fear of taking risks stands in the way of a continued relationship.

You’re Gonna Love Me revisits the town of Thunder Creek which was introduced to readers in the title, You’ll Think of Me. This title is a quick read and will satisfy Ms. Hatcher’s fans. It can be read as a standalone but would be more enjoyable if the first in the series is read first. Reader’s who like a quick romance with a little drama will be drawn into the book. Reader’s looking for well developed characters may be disappointed with this read but those who like a plot driven sweet romance will be satisfied. Hand this title to anyone who enjoys a cozy romance with a small town setting or any fan of Robin Lee Hatcher.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.


Adored : 365 Devotions for Young Women by Lindsay A. Franklin

In an ever-changing world, we can be certain of one thing: we are beloved by God. Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women tackles tough topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while showing readers how infinitely precious they are in God’s sight. (From the Publisher)

This daily devotion presents verses for 365 days. The days are numbered from one to three hundred and sixty-five so readers can start any day of the year. Each day presents a verse from the bible covering a variety of subjects such as bullying, self worth, racial tension, etc.  that many young women face in today’s society. After the bible verse a short paragraph or two discusses the specific verse going deeper into the verse, relating it to today’s young women. The common theme of all of the verses in this devotion remind the reader that they are loved by God.

This book can be given to young teens and older teens with topics that both ages can relate to and learn applications to their life. Many young Christian women today are looking to go deeper in the word and this book will help them do that. Many high school students, especially seniors, wrestle with decisions that are making every day. An example of how this devotion really helps young girls apply the word in their daily is day 38. The verse (1 Corinthians 10:31) is at the top of the page and then Lindsay walks the reader of how to make daily decisions by evaluating the options and eliminating those choices based on the truth (Word) that they have been learning. She makes the reader understand that as humans we will make mistake in choices but in her words, “But we can honor God in our choices.”. Highly recommended for young women who are wanting to be challenged in their walk. Give this devotion to young women who are yearning to get deeper in the word and do not know were to start.

I received an ARC ebook from Handelbar Marketing in exchange for an honest review.


Hurt Road


Hurt Road by Mark Lee

Hurt Road is a  memoir from lead guitarist of the Christian band Third Day. The story begins with a life altering event that began on Hurt road in Georgia. The memoir is very readable and was a very quick read. Mark recalls his life and the journey he has lived until the present day. He leads the reader through his life and through his writing he reveals a glimpse of his journey with Christ. Mark starting with the Hurt road incident reflects how his life (and challenges the reader to reflect) doesn’t always follow his/our life plans. God has often allows events that alter our plans and can make them bigger than we could ever imagine.

Any fan of the band, Third Day, will appreciate this memoir. Those readers who have lived anytime in Georgia, will appreciate his description of Marietta. Teens will appreciate the first few chapters and will relate to Mark’s high school years. Mark writes with such introspection that readers will relate to wondering where their plans might line up with God’s or where God has different plans as long as you are ready to take the next step in faith. Highly recommend this book to any reader who likes memoirs and those who enjoy reading inspirational books.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Cherished Mercy

Cherished Mercy Cherished Mercy  by Tracie Peterson

Mercy Flanagan survived the Whitman Massacre as a child, and now her heart’s cry is for peace between the native peoples and the white settlers inhabiting Oregon Territory. Unfortunately, most of the settlers would rather the tribes were removed from the land completely, one way or the other, and tensions are rising. Mercy has grown tired of  –Oregon City and feels that she has a larger purpose in life, so when she learns that family friend Eletta Browning is pregnant, she travels south to the Rogue River Valley to help.
At the Rogue River Mission, Mercy meets Eletta’s brother-in-law, Adam, who has suffered a broken engagement. Mercy finds him attractive, but Adam seems determined to focus on ministering to the local tribes and keeps Mercy at arm’s length.
When tragedy strikes and tensions in the territory reach the boiling point, Mercy is pushed to the limit of her strength. She and Adam must rely on their firm faith in God in order to make it out alive. -from the publisher

This title is the third in the Heart of the Frontier series. Although it can be read as a standalone, readers will appreciate the characters and storyline more having read the other titles in the series. The character of Mercy is a strong character and written so the reader can empathize with Mercy’s love of the native people, yet her hesitancy of the situation she finds herself among. An additional storyline is Mercy’s sister, Hope, who was raped while being held captive during the Whitman Mission Massacre gave up the daughter as a result. She comes back to this situation during the conclusion of this beautiful story. Fans of Tracie Peterson’s historical fiction offerings will fall in throughly enjoy this fast read.

I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley  and the publisher, Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.