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My Valentine

My Valentine by Tracie Peterson

This book included the bonus story Little Shoes and Mistletoe by Sally Laity. My Valentine takes place in 1835. Darlene lives with her father both Jewish and living in the Jewish section of the city. Dennison and his son Pierce Blackwell, Christians, use Darlene’s father, Abraham, as their tailor for all of their fine suits. The Blackwells come from money while the Darlene’s family is working class. As all good romances start, Darlene and Pierce meet and sparks ignite.

Tracie Peterson always writes stories that draw the reader into her character’s world. Easy and fast-paced, My Valentine will not disappoint Ms. Peterson’s fans. Although the story takes place in New York City, the story really revolves around the questioning of one’s religion and the learning about Christianity. Some exploration about class difference also comes through with the Darlene’s and Pierce’s budding friendship. The only criticism was the story seemed to conclude a little fast and seemed rushed. Looking for a nice historical read with romance, pick up this title and you won’t be disappointed.

The bonus story, Little Shoes and Mistletoe, is set in 1898 in Manhattan. Another historical romance story that is focused more on the romance between the two main characters. Eliza was jilted by her fiancee and moves to Manhattan to recover with her aunt. Working with her aunt, she meets Micah a Christian young man who has a heart for the down-trodden. Micah spends his time in the poorer neighborhoods helping them and especially the children that have been orphaned by death or inability to care for them. Micah is engaged but his fiancee does not share his passion. Eliza and Micah begin a friendship over their compassion for the down-trodden. Micah is aware that his fiancee, a life long friend, could use friends her own age and introduces her to Eliza. Of course as in any good page turner does, conflict arises for all of the characters.

Little Shoes and Mistletoe is a quick and enjoyable read. The characters are written so the reader quickly can identify and empathize with them. A quick enjoyable read for those liking their romance and a little drama between budding relationships. This read is more about romantic relationships and hits the mark for a cozy read. Give this book with both titles to readers who like a little variety in their romantic reading.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Edelweiss and the publisher, Barbour Books for an honest review.


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