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Girl Code: gaming, going viral, and getting it done by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser

Andrea “Andy” and Sophie met at a local coding camp in New York city during their high school years. In this book, they discuss how they ended up at the code camp sponsored by Girls That Code.  Told in alternating chapters, the girls share their experience of the coding camp and their wild ride of developing an online game, Tampon Run.

Andy and Sophie share their experiences, fears, frustrations  and success through their coding club camp experience, promotion of their game and their experiences of the technology world. This book gives the reader an inside view of the computer camp experience and inspiration of two girls who not only went to camp but successfully launched a game they coded themselves and shared with the public. Girl Code shares with readers the variety of careers that a girl can explore while still using the computer skill that they can acquire.

The book is well written and in an identifying voice. It fills a narrow but important niche of non-fiction books. Most technology books, especially computer coding, are instructional but not personable. Girls wanting to explore what computer coding is will enjoy this narrative and inspiring title. Girl Code includes several beginning instructional codes to help girls interested in trying computer coding a place to start. Give this book to any middle or high school girl who has an interest in technology or computer coding.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Edelweiss and the publisher, Harper Collins for an honest review.


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