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Love’s Betrayal


Love’s Betrayal by Di Ann Mills

In 1776, Delight Butler is a young girl who supports the patriots in Boston, Massachusetts and secretly helps the effort of those patriots. She and her family are placed in conflict when one evening a young British soldier is dropped off to her family’s home to nurse back to health. Delight because of her mother’s own health, must tend to this soldier who represents the enemy  and against everything she believes. Through her time with this young man, she grows spiritually and experiences challenges to her Christian walk a and sees the young man in a different light.

An enjoyable historical fiction book that shows, through the character of Delight, how a Christian’s walk is to help everyone no matter their beliefs. If you like Revolutionary War time period, you will enjoy this read. It is a slower paced story but is interesting to see how the Irish soldier signed up to free himself from the tyranny of England and through conversations with Delight and her father begins to view the Revolutionary war in a different light.

The Second novel included in the book was a faster paced story and  takes place right before the time of the Revolutionary war. Georgette is part of an arranged marriage to a man that has a bad reputation but is needed to help keep her father out of economic trouble. Georgette accepts her fate but through the meeting of an unknown Frenchman, she begins to think about what it might be like to be betrothed to a “good” man. This story has more romance and a little suspense to keep the reader turning the page to see if Georgette will marry the man whom will help her family. Scripture is sprinkled within the chapters. The reader sees how Georgette wanting to be honoring to her father and her Christian walk struggles between her fiancé and the mysterious Frenchman through her  prayer and her conscience.  A gem to quench the appetite of historical Christian fiction readers since there are few options for this time period.


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