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The House on Winridge

The House on Windridge

The House on Winridge by Tracie Peterson

Jessica grew up in New York raised by her very proper and societal aunt. Jessica’s mom died in childbirth and her father could not handle raising his baby girl on his own. Jessica through the years spent a little time with her father at Windridge, her father’s home. After the death of her father, Jessica inherits Windridge and comes home to find out that she was always loved even from afar.

Tracie Peterson never disappoints her fans. This title is no exception and is an enjoyable read. Ms. Peterson is a master of developing characters that the reader grows to care about and root on until the end. She uses the character’s insecurities to show how God can use people in a person’s life to show how God is in control and loved by him and others. Reader’s who like simple love stories, characters that are well written and fast-paced plots will enjoy this quick read. It is one of the shortest titles I have read from Tracie Peterson.

A plus to this book is an additional story by Joyce Livingston! Juliette Baker Mason has traveled with her new son and family out west to Kansas. Juliette’s father has taken as manager of the towns hotel but the hotel’s future comes into jeopardy as well as Juliette’s future. This fast-paced romantic story kept this reader, saying just one more chapter… The plot keeps the reader wanting to keep turning the page to find out the fate of Juliette and her infant son. Ms. Livingston writes in such a way that the reader can empathize Juliette’s dilemma and final decision to secure her family’s future. Faith is shown through the pages but in such a way that it is through the character’s actions and thoughts not in a preachy way. Give this book to any reader who loves gentle, quick reads and they will be happy with two stories in one book.

Note: I was given an electronic copy via Net Galley and the publisher, Barbour Publishing   for an honest review.


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