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A Fistful of God


A Fistful of God by Theresa M. Travis

Aidyn Pierce does not drink, she has seen first-hand what drinking can do a person. Although she still suffers with alcoholism. She had that perfect family until her dad died and then everything changed. Her mom suffering through grief turns to alcohol. Aidyn has heard it all before that her mom will change, quit drinking, etc. all of these would allow Aidyn to turn back from having to become the adult to being the teen she should be instead. Aidyn’s mom asks her to go to church and that’s when she sees that she might not be alone in this situation. Will Aidyn’s mom quit drinking? Will the church youth group her mom suggests she attend make things easier?

This story reveals a side of life for many teens either in their own life or one of their friend’s life. Ms. Travis writes each character in such a way that many teens will identify with one or more of the characters. This novel is well written and very thought provoking. Even if the reader has not experienced alcoholism in their life, they can learn that sometimes just being a friend and reaching out to another can change a person’s life or at the very least, diminish the loneliness. Give this to a teen who likes realistic fiction. This novel would be good for a book discussion group.


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