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Ten Reasons to Stay Christian in High School by Michael Ross and Greg Johnson

This book is written for teens that consider themselves Christian. The authors take ten subjects per chapter. They explore the subject, give possible responses to these subjects that are not very strong and then give several responses with facts and scriptures to respond to other teens. The subjects range from creation to relationships to friendships to the bible. Each chapter ends with questions and scripture readings to challenge the teen to go deeper biblically on each subject.

This book tackles many of the subjects that many teens struggle with during their high school years and even beyond. Each chapter introduces the subject with realistic scenarios that a high school student might encounter. The scenarios are given in such a matter that the reader can at least identify with or has already experienced during their life. The authors write what they call “lame” responses to the variety of subjects. Although most teens would probably not state that these are lame responses but the most common responses heard around the teens peer groups. The book best addresses biblical responses to a variety of subjects but showing why these are better than the most common responses and challenges the reader to go deeper.

This book is good to be used individually but could be used during small group times or small group studies to allow teens to strengthen each other through the discussion at the end of the chapter. This book is recommended for any Christian teen who desires to take their faith deeper and to share their faith with other teens.


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