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Militine Scott, an orphan, is training at the Madison School for Brides in Seattle, Washington. Her background has led her to the decision to never marry even though she is at a school for brides. As all good romances start, Militine has started a friendship with a handsome man, Thane Patton. Thane has grown to have feelings and hopes to one day win Militine’s heart and commitment to him.

This book is the second in the Brides of Seattle series. It can be read as a standalone. The story takes place in the 1880’s in a Seattle which is continuing to boom after the Gold Rush. The story centers around two couples. They are best friends Militine Scott and Abbriana along with Thane and Wade. Departing from her recent stories, Tracie seems to go back to her older series where the historical setting is an important part of the story. The two couples romantic interests are moved forward throughout the story with a climatic fire that makes both couples reevaluate their friendship. The book also tackles when a community has a new pastor who has very different views from their congregation.

Tracie Peterson certainly wrote a story with balance of historical setting and romance. Most of her recent books are more romance with the historical setting taking a backseat. If you are a reader who likes historical romances with a emphasis on the historical setting, you will definitely enjoy this title. If you are a reader who enjoys romance, you might be disappointed in the story. Tracie Peterson’s hard core fans will gobble this entry to the Brides of Seattle series up. This title reminded me of her Alaskan Quest series which I would recommend to any reader who enjoyed this title.

I received this e-Arc from NetGalley and Bethany House  in exchange for an honest review.


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