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We have five cats but these two are the youngest. We have had them since they showed up at our front door only one month old. They have given us many moments of joy and laughter over the last three years. They have loved playing with the laser pointer (see above). They love to wait in ambush for each other or any other of their sibling cats. Aubie certainly keeps us on our toes. He loves to claw up walls. ( most of our walls in the laundry room have permanent mud on them.) Aubie is our clawer. He loves to climb me like a tree. You can hear me constantly telling him, I am not a tree! He recently has taken to clawing the door of our upright freezer. He loves to stretch for the magnets and claw them down the door. He also can be seen biting the white button on the door. One of these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has opened the refrigerator door using the towel hanging from the door handle.

Missy on the other hand, is our cat that hides in small places. She loves any empty box found around the house. She also has been found under our living room chair in a piece of cloth that makes the perfect hammock for her. Her favorite thing is to sleep on me. Not just by my leg but actually full body on me no matter what position I sleep. She is the most photogenic  and being the queen of most of our pictures is all the proof you need.

Together, they love to play Tabby golf. (or at least that is what my husband calls it.) He has cut a round circle out and placed it in our back room. He uses a putter and three balls to play this game. He starts on the other side of the house, puts the ball with the cats waiting on the path somewhere before the “hole”. They then wait until the balls come pass them. Missy quietly waits and then swats at the ball as it passes. Aubie will pretend that he has no interest and as it passes by will pounce on it. They can play this game for a good solid half an hour with no stopping.

Aubie also has amazing control over his hands and mouth. I have seen him carry anything that fancy hims in his mouth. He loves to play with pill bottle tops. When they get to far away from the wooden floor, he will pick it up in his mouth and then carry the top back to the wooden floor. His curiosity is over the top. You can look at him and see the wheels spinning in his tiny head. He will stand on a table, look at an object and get this look on his face, next thing you know he is swatting it with his paw to see what will happen. I love watching these two young cats and can’t wait until I see what next will be their fancy.



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