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Learning to Wait

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I always never understood people from other countries and their posting on American television. That is until this year. Folks would post to a variety of websites lamenting that they would have to wait years to watch and enjoy their favorite show while us in America were “caught” up.

This year I have finally gained understanding on how these folks feel. I have been following Heartland which is a television show from Canada. In America, we are on Season 6 but in Canada they are getting ready to roll out Season 8. I am now the one lamenting on having to wait to catch up on my show.

Of course, you could start watching a television show long after it aired. I have started doing this with McLeod’s Daughters. This show was on in Australia in the early 2000’s and was on for eight seasons. It is available online for viewing for free. Eight years are a long time for both of these shows and have shown fans both old and new much drama and waiting for the next episode.

Patience is one thing that we have to learn whether it is a television show, a book series or life in general. The word  comes from the Hebrew word “qavah”. It means to wait for, look for, to hope or to expect.  In Greek it means to remain, abide, to preserver, endure or to bear bravely and calmly. In the Hebrew you can see where it has more meaning for a book, tv series or any media type. The Greek seems to be more personable. To remain, abide preserver, endure is more relational. For Christians, we abide in Jesus, we remain with him and endure with Him. I can’t see doing these things for a “thing”. Although a tv show causes us to have patience, it is a superficial patience. It is not the kind that is organic, changing and much more valuable for the long run. That kind of patience can only come by with a relationship with others and God. I am glad that I have both types of patience. The first type is short-lived but I would rather have the second for the long run. Which would you rather concentrate on?


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