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 Silence  by Deborah Lytton

Stella was new to her school and had found a friend in popular Lily. Stella had a singing voice that was her identity and her ticket to popularity. All of this changed when Stella and Lily attended a party which changed Stella’s life for ever. After the party, Stella’s world became silent. She lost her hearing and her opportunity to be the star of her school’s play. During her play, Hayden was the accompanist for the play and during Stella’s audition the sparks began to fly. Hayden was a loner, was made fun of by classmates and had no friends.

Hayden has secrets in his past that he has told no one. During his past life, he was also silent and his voice displays stutters and keeps him away from his classmates. The party that Stella attended which changed her life also changed Hayden’s forever.

This quick and charming book is an easy read. It is told in alternative chapters from Hayden and Stella’s point of view. This style lets the reader get to know the characters and their struggles. It also lets the reader into the budding romance between these two characters. The secrets that Hayden keeps are slowly revealed and shows how an encouraging friend can help someone cope with life’s struggles. Hand this to any teen who feels like an outsider and they will identify with both characters. Highly recommended to any teen who likes light romance. Sarah Dessen fans will enjoy this read.


Note: I received an electronic copy of this title from the publisher Shadow Mountain press.


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