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Justified by Varina Denman

Fawn Blaylock had a great life. At least, that’s what most of the folks in the small Texas town of Trapp thought. She was with a handsome young man whose family had money and both families encouraged the couple. The problem that Fawn had was she was pregnant and the young man had a temper and drinking problem. Finding out about her pregnancy, she leaves her family and her life of comfort. She found herself being accepted by a young woman whom she didn’t have much in common and the woman’s family which took her into their family.

Justified is the second in the series but can stand alone. The story shows the kindness and love from a Christian family and God’s grace after making a mistake. Varina Denman writes a story that the reader can empathize with the characters. The story moves quickly and the main characters, along with the secondary characters are developed and move the plot forward. The story touches on the subject of unexpected preganancy among non-married couples and the consequences of this decision. Ms. Denman does a masterful job showing how a girl can struggle with a decision to marry the father of her baby for all the wrong reasons or accepting a life that is far different than the one she finds comfortable.

I would highly recommend this story to readers who like developed characters and like stories that intertwine characters and stories into a highly entertaining read. Give this book to readers who have liked the books by Robin Lee Hatcher or Lorraine Snelling.

Note: I received an electronic copy of this title from Net Galley and the publisher, David C. Cook.


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