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Living with Cat

IMG_0302Over the past year, I concentrated making this blog just about books. Although this is a big portion of my life as a librarian, I still am much more than that and hope to broaden this blog again to share a little about my life. This post is about my life with cats. My husband and I started our married life with one older cat and a mixed border collie. Fast forward almost twenty years and now we have five cats and a pure breed border collie. I can certainly say there is never a dull moment in our house! Let me introduce to you my family: the oldest is Leon (a bombay), the brothers..Boots and  Boodle, our border collie, Aiden and finally the babies.. Missy and Aubie. Some things I have learned about living with five cats and a border collie:

  • If you treat them as one big happy family, more often or not they will act like it. When we first got Aiden, he would chase the cats we had at the time and my husband gave me a week deadline for things to settle down. They did just that! One evening Leon was laying near my husband when Aiden creeped slowly up putting his face near Leon. Leon then slowly placed his face near Aiden so they could smell each other.
  • You will occasionally hear elephants in your house. We have a long hallway that runs through about half of the house. The cats take it upon themselves to chase each other down the “runway”.
  • Your border collie’s job can be as referee. Aiden now sees his job to break up any conflicts between the cats. He will run over to where they are and then put his nose between them and push one away. So far no blood has been shed and this has been very effective.
  • Having four out of five cats having allergy issues, means a lot of snot spray. We have never had the allergy problems like we have this year.
  • Total inside cats raised from month old kittens will find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves. Aubie and Missy have done the following to entertain themselves: they can flip light switches on and off if there is furniture near said switch. They have figured out how to use touch lights to brighten the room. They can pull stoppers from the bathroom sinks and hide them from their owners.
  • What makes my heart go pitter pat is when the cats lay with Aiden as they groom him. If he wants more? He just nuzzles them until they take the hint.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about my family!


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