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Hit Count

Hit Count by Chris Lynch

Arlo Brodie and his brother Lloyd love football and especially the tackling and hitting of the sport, Arlo has learned all he knows about the physical aspect of the sport from his big brother Lloyd. Their mother, on the other hand, worries about her sons and the damage that hitting can damage ones brain. In fact, she keeps a file about research articles on head injuries related to football and blows to the head. Arlo doesn’t care about anything about training for football, hitting and getting better so he can go all the way to the pros. He loves his girlfriend but football takes precedent over everything and everyone. Who cares about the hit count, well, except his girlfriend, mom and coach.

This book leaves the reader knowing more about concussions and the dangers playing football. The character Arlo and Lloyd are relatable to those who play and like football. The characters are well-developed and the relationship between the brothers are seen through the events that Arlo experiences. Everyone who has ever attended high school can identify with the characters through someone they know or have known as an athlete. The story is fast-paced and informative without being preachy. This is a great book to open a discussion on personal health versus the desire to win the big game. Great for a book discussion group for boys.

Note: I received an electronic copy of this title from Net Galley and the publisher Algonquin Young Readers.


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