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Salt and Storm

 Salt and Storm by Kendall Kulper

In historical New England, Avery Roe plans on taking on her family’s legacy. She desires to be the witch of Prince Island. Tane, a tattooed harpoon boy, Avery believes is the boy of her destiny. Avery’s talent is being able to interpret dreams. Unfortunately, that talent leads her to foretell her own death. To stop her murder, she might have to see the love of her life, Tane, removed from her life.

This historical fiction book seems well researched. The reader learns quite a bit about the whaling industry. It is a unique experience for the reader who likes witch book. The plot focuses around Avery’s desire to be the next witch at Prince Island. Kulper writes in a style that you can picture whaling world on Prince Island and her interaction with the members of the community.

There are surprises within the story, a main character was killed, but the ending is pretty predictable. The book was readable but not the page turner that was anticipated. Give this title to the teen reader who likes historical fiction, a quirky read or a well written story.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Little Brown for Young Readers.


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