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Atlantia by Ally Condie

Rio lives in a world where the above community is supported by those living in the below community. The sea separates the worlds and with the greater community one person from each family must live in each world, one above and one below. Rio always felt like she belonged to the above world and had shared thoughts with her twin sister, Bay. After their mother, the leader of the below world dies, Rio is more determined to Bay stay in the world below. At the picking, her sister goes first and puts a wrench in Rio’s plan. Bay decides to go to the above world, to save Rio. Rio, a siren, who has been protected from her sister and mother her entire life has to continue to keep her voice silent in order to keep her secret and find a way to get above.

Fans of Condie’s Reached series will eagerly devour this stand alone. Rio is a strong character who tries to understand her sister’s decision and is determined to reach the above world. The story moves quickly and keeps the reader seeing how the love for a sister can cause one to sacrifice parts of their own life for another. This is seen both through Rio and Bay but also through Rio’s mom and aunt. The world that Condie creates is described in such a believable way that you can see the characters living in the below world. The story is not only about a sisterly love but the choices that one struggles to keep a society, community and family together. Highly recommend to any fans of the Reached series and fans of dystopian fiction. This book in that genre rises to the top of a crowded field.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Dutton’s Children.


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