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Raina’s Choice

Raina’s Choice by Gilbert Morris

Raina Vernay and her sister were left the Silver Dollar Salon and all seemed fine. That is until Raina’s sister married a mean man who had designs on Raina. Raina makes the decision to sell her half of the saloon and place herself in the hands of a prisoner, Ty Kincaid, a man she breaks out of prison. The plan is to leave Mexico and head towards Arkansas. He escaping his life in Mexico and she searching for her father.

This is the third title in the Western Justice series. (Here is my review of the second title in the series, (https://covioutdoors.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/sabrinas-man/ ) Although this is part of a series, this title can be read as a standalone. The story moves steadily along but is not a page turner. Raina’s Choice is a familiar and comfortable read for Gilbert Morris’s fans.

The events that Raina and Ty encountered on their way to Arkansas are realistic and keep the tension on whether they will reach their destination. The reader can tell early on in the story that a friendship, if not a romance, is in their future. Raina’s Choice shows how a strong woman has to make her own choices for her life. This includes what type of life she wants and what type of man to share her life. The character of Raina is realistic in her longing for a better life, a relationship with her father and the longing for a place to call home.  This title is recommended to any Gilbert Morris fan and readers who enjoy romance/westerns.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Barbour Publishing.


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