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Plots and Pans


    Plots acover41925-mediumnd Pans by Kelly Eileen Hake

Jessalynn Culpepper always felt that she was sent away from the home and ranch that she loved. Her father sent her away to boarding school several years ago and she struggled to learn how to be a “lady” since her heart belonged to the wild west. After one two many times getting in trouble, Jessalynn is sent from the boarding school awaiting to hear where she is to go next.  Jessalynn has ideas of her own to go home and heads back to America. When she gets back to Texas after an adventure, she discovers that her father and brother are gone and the ranch she remembers has changed.

Jessalynn is a strong character who is determined to find her place on the ranch. The author does touch briefly on the troubles in the south shortly after the civil war. It is a pleasant historical fiction read with light humor among the characters.  The chapters where the author has a separate point of view does break up the flow of the story but the plot carries the reader to the end. I would recommend this book to a reader who likes light reads in a historical setting, however there are stronger written historical romance books that would top my list of books.



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