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Worth the Wait

Worth the WaitWorth the Wait by Laura Jackson

Ellie Lansing has it all, the perfect family and boyfriend. Ellie and her boyfriend, Dylan have known each other since they were little kids. Ellie was enjoying her senior year in high school until she learned her mother has cancer. Ellie’s world is rocked and with the news about her mom, she begins to question her life.  She continues to go to church and plan the senior mission trip. Her world is rocked again when she discovers her boyfriend has cheated on her. She then begins to pick up her pieces and begins to explore what she really wants from her life.

This is Laura Jackson’s debut novel. It is a Christian Fiction novel for young adults. Ms. Jackson does a great job developing characters that the reader begins to care about. She captures current life as a teenager and the pressures to give into having sex as well as the pressure to go to the “right” college in high school.

The story is fast-paced and draws the reader quickly into the story. I found this novel to be one that a person could recommend  to any teen that has a good story while still upholding the message of abstinence. This title could be recommended to any teen who like Terra McVoy’s Pure. 

Note: I received an electronic copy of this title from Net Galley and the publisher, Chalfont House books..


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