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We are the Goldens


We Are the Goldens by Dana Reinhart.

Nell and Layla are sisters who growing up have been real close. When their parents divorced, they became closer in order to deal with their parents changing lives. Nell begins her freshman year with Layla at a private school but as Nell begins to navigate a new school her sister begins to pull away from her.  Nell finds out why her sister has begun to put distance  between them. Layla reveals that she is involved with one of the high school teachers and asks Layla to keep her secret.

Dana Reinhart tells the story through Nell as if she is writing a letter or book to her sister Layla. She does a great job in pulling the reader into the close relationship between sisters.  She also portrays Nell in a way that you can see her struggle on whether to keep the secret her sister has asked her to keep or tell someone to rescue Layla from a relationship that she sees as harmful and wrong. The book moves fairly quickly and the ending is left wide-open for the reader to decide and talk to others on what happens. This title would be great for a book discussion. Give this to a teen who like realistic fiction and likes novels who force the reader to think while reading.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Wendy Lamb Books.


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