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Carolina Gold

Carolina Gold_cover

Carolina Gold by Dorothy Love

Charlotte Fraser returns to the South Carolina low country to her family’s rice plantation after the Civil War.  Charlotte tries to put her family rice plantation back in order  by herself.  The devastation from the Civil War challenges Charlotte who after meeting a fellow plantation owner, Nicholas Betancourt,  reluctantly agrees to teach his children to keep some  money coming into the household.  Nick reveals that he is trying to file ownership of his plantation, Wildwood to Charlotte. This information threatens Charlotte’s world and sends her on a journey that reveals a family secret that will forever change her life.


This was the first book that I have read by Dorothy Love. Ms. Love is very descriptive of the low country setting and the devastation that the South experienced during and after the Civil War. The description helped the reader understand Charlotte and Nick’s world but did slow the pace of the beginning of the story. Once Charlotte begins to teach Nick’s children the story line picks up. The characters did not seem to have much depth so it was hard to really care about them specifically instead the strength of this story is in the historical detail.

The reader through Charlotte’s story learns about the hardships many Southerners had to endure during this time in our country’s history. The time she spent in New Orleans showed the reader how much impact disease had in the southern cities during this time period. The story did seem to drag on in parts but for a reader that likes to learn a little about history from a character’s trials will enjoy this story. This book should be recommended for readers who like historical fiction but does not require a strong plot line.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Thomas Nelson.


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