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Unspoken by Dee Henderson

Bryce Bishop owns a successful coin shop and has enjoyed owning a small business.  He has been becoming bored with his day-to-day life and has been questioning his faith and the direction of his life. One day Charlotte walks into his shop with an offer he can’t refuse. She wants him to buy her coins or she will continue selling coins from her coin shop she set up to compete against him. Bryce is intrigued by this women as she begins selling him lots of coins. What Bryce does not know is that this young women had disappeared from his town years ago.

The mystery of what Charlotte has been up to over the last several years and the details of her disappearance keeps Bryce and the reader wanting to dig deeper into her life.  The reader learns about Charlotte’s life through Bryce’s attempts and the characters that he has in his life that dig into the disappearance. The book was not a quick read but I was intrigued about the information about coin collecting that was part of the plot. The book was more plot driven than character development. The ending of the book had this reader wondering whether she would do the same thing as the characters did in the end of the story. All and all this book is an enjoyable read and will not disappoint Dee Henderson’s fans.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Bethany House.


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