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First Date

First DateFirst Date by Melody Carlson

A group of five girls, all sophomores in high school, bond together from a suggestion by the new girl, Devon. At their school, Northwood Academy, the school is not sure if students should date in high school. In fact, one of the teachers every year tries to talk the boys into thinking twice about dating and if they do at least treat the girls with respect.

All of the girls have never been on a “real” date but all have their eye on a specific boy. Devon’s idea is that they form a secret club working together to find each other a date for homecoming. They not only work on acquiring a date for a fellow member but they join forces to make each other desirable to each of their potential dates.

This  first book in the series is a cozy read with no real drama that  you see  a lot  in the Young Adult books  written today. Ms. Carlson does have a variety of characters that represent the type of teens you typically find in a private school. There is a girl who tries to stay true to her Christian beliefs, a girl, Devon, who is new and is trying to fit in at this  private school after attending a raunchy public school. The story is not a page turner but is an enjoyable read. Readers of Reshonda Tate Billingsley might find this series as a compliment to her Good Girlz series. I would recommend this book to readers looking for books that have strong girl friendships as a major theme in their stories and of course, Melody Carlson fans will not be disappointed.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Revell.


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