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A Plain Disappearance

sleigh- www.discoverlancasterpa.com / Terry RossA Plain Disappearance by Amanda Flower

Chloe Humphrey living in Appleseed Creek, has stumbled upon another mystery.  Appleseed Creek is mainly an Amish community with few outsiders or Englisher, as the Amish call them. Chloe and her boyfriend Timothy, a former Amish boy, discover the body of a young Amish girl inside an abandon barn. Chloe along with Timothy try to navigate the small community to discover who is responsible for this horrific crime.

A Plain Disappearance is the third  installment in the Appleseed Creek murder series. This title can be read as a stand alone but is enhanced if the reader has previous knowledge of the characters and their relationships. This is a gentle and enjoyable read.

The third in the series takes place within a little over a month from the first title, A Plain Death.  I have never read a series where the titles are all written within a few  months time. This gives the reader a real-time feel in respect to the relationships between Chloe, her boyfriend and her roommate. It however is a little unrealistic that you would have three murders in a small town in less than three months. This series is a refreshing addition to the Amish genre. Not only is it not a romance, although it does have some romance, the series revolves around the mysteries in this small Amish town. The other thing which is different in this genre is the tale is told from the Englisher’s perspective and seems to concentrate on the relationships between the Amish folks who have left the order and their family and friends still a part of the Amish religion.  A Plain Disappearance will not disappoint Amanda Flowers fans.  I highly recommend this title for those looking for a cozy mystery or readers that enjoy the Amish fiction genre.

Note: I received a review copy from the publisher, B&H Publishing Group for an honest review.


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