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So Long Insecurity

So Long

So Long, Insecurity: teen edition by Beth Moore

This  book written based on Beth Moore’s book So Long Insecurity was written for teen girls. The book is written similar to a magazine.  Each chapter is broken down into categories that many teen girls face during their everyday life. Subjects such as Am I  good enough, boys, media hype, popularity, etc are addressed in separate chapters. Each chapter starts with a question addressing the chapter subject and then answered by Beth Moore with quotes from teens. Ms. Moore than address the subjects with bible verses and women. Each chapter concludes with a quiz, where the reader can determine their current status in relation to the subject.

The magazine format keeps the book interesting and is similar  in style to teen magazines such as Seventeen. The pictures and quotes from other teens helps the reader relate to the subjects. The bible verses and principles are presented in fun cards and images relating to the specific subject addressed. In the chapter on social media, the statistics listed seemed a little low and there was no indication where Ms. Moore got her statistics. I would recommend this book to any tween or early teen who is beginning to feel peer pressure. This would be a good start for those girls in understanding how you can feel insecure but I would recommend Beth Moore’s adult book for a deeper understanding on the subject.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through NetGalley from Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review.


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