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prodigalProdigal: a different kind of love story by Rektok Ross

Lexy Quinn’s whole life was uprooted when her parents move her to Texas. Lexy must start her senior year of high school  in a new town,  new school and dealing with her mom having cancer. In her old school she was the school paper’s editor.  When she moved to Preston Hills, Texas she wanted to continue her writing.  She meets Ash when she tries to get on her new school’s paper. Things for Lexy begin to look up from there.

This book is well written. The reader feels empathy for Lexy as she deals with her mother illness. The author writes the character with authenticity of a daughter trying to struggle with her relationship with her ill mother. The interaction of the characters are typical of those in high school, along with the search for romance. Lexy’s relationships with her new friends begins her questioning if there is a God. This book was a quick read but very relatable  to teen readers. This book will be hard to move in a library without some selling because of the title and cover.  I would recommend this book to girls who liked Meg Cabot, Deb Calentti or Reshonda Tate Billingsley.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title, through the publisher via Net Galley.


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