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dearDear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to their Teen Selves

This book is a collection of letters from seventy authors of Young Adult books write letters to their teen self. The authors range from Lauren Oliver to Ellen Hopkins and those in between.  Each author talks about the life they lead during high school and the struggles they faced. Each letter gives a glimpse into the author’s life and lets the reader know that all though high school is rough it often gets better. There are even a few letters written in graphic format.

The variety of problems that are addressed through the letters include bullying, sexual identity etc. I found each of the author’s story interesting and gave some insight on what they have gone through. The letters vary in length and can be read all together or selected as the reader wants. I would highly recommend any teenager to read this book. Each story can lend a feeling of I’m not the only going through this alone, someone else has experienced something similar and they got through it. It might not be all roses but it does bet better.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Zest.


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