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Though Mountains Fall

though the mountain
Though Mountains Fall by Dale Cramer

It is 1920 in Paradise Valley, an Amish community in Mexico.  This book continues the story of Caleb Bender and his family. It concludes the Daughter’s of Caleb series which fills in the story from the Paradise Valley series. Caleb left Ohio to avoid the school law that required all children to attend government school. In Paradise Valley the land is good enough to grow crops to survive but the bandits coming into the community make it difficult to live peacefully.  In Though Mountains Fall, Caleb must decide if living in Mexico is worth the heartache and the challenges to his faith and or is his belief that God had led him to the move to Mexico stronger.

I had read several of the titles in the Paradise Valley series but I had not read any of the other titles in the Daughter’s of Caleb series.  I quickly picked up the story, there was enough information given while reading the story to pick up the family’s previous journey. The book was a quick read and continued the story of the only Amish community in Mexico.  This title could be read as a stand alone but would probably be enhanced by reading the entire series. I would recommend this book (and series) to any reader who like Amish fiction but is looking for a slightly different read. Although romance is part of the plot it is not the main focus. The Amish community’s struggle to survive in a foreign land while staying true and evening at time questioning their faith is the major focus.

Note: I received an electronic version of this title through Net Galley and the publisher, Bethany House.


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