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Times are a changing

When I started hunting over twenty years ago, preparing for the season meant looking for rubs and scraps. Now I wouldn’t just go traipsing around the woods looking for signs but I would keep my eyes open as I walked to my stand. Now a days almost everyone has a camera in the woods looking to capture the “big” one. We started putting out trail cameras a couple of years ago and mostly after the season.

This is the first year that we have put a few cameras out before we have started to get out in the woods. We put a few salt licks out in late spring and then the cameras out in late summer. We have gotten lots of doe pictures, a few coyotes, a bob cat and an armadillo. The picture above is of a buck that we have seen a few times. Will we see this buck when we are in the woods? In my opinion, maybe or maybe not.

The positive thing about having a picture or two of a nice buck is knowing that they are out in the area. I think it will make us get out on the stand when it is rainy and cold or sit a little longer than we normally would have sat. Do you use cameras to start your scouting in your area? If so, how often have you harvested that animal the same year. We have started to name the different bucks, 4×5 funky rack, 4×5 tall guy and 4×4 guy. (not real imaginative…)

Check back here over the next few months to see if we have seen these bucks we have caught on camera in the woods.


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