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Just Flirt

Just Flirt by Laura Bowers

Dee Barton is glad that Summer is finally upon her so she can practice her nine rules of flirting. Dee lives in a campground with her mom and looks at the boys coming to stay at the campground as potential flirt material. She works at the campground for the summer with her friend, Natalie and a new girl on the scene Roxanne. The situations that these girls find themselves in will frustrate the reader and at the same time cheer  the girls on.

This book is told in two format, via a blog entries from an anonymous writer and in story form. It is a quick read while still with the message that a boy does not need to make the girl. It  is a rather strong female message without being preachy. I would recommend this to any teen that likes a little romance, a little revenge and a quick light read.


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