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Beyond the Smoke

Beyond the Smoke by Terry W. Burns

Sixteen year-old Bryan Wheeler finds himself alone on the trail after his parents and the folks they were traveling with were killed by Indians. Bryan meets up with a variety of people who lend to his adventures. When he started off on his adventures, he starts with two guns, some supplies and his mom’s bible. Bryan meets a variety of Indians, a Texas Ranger, and a professor.

The story is told in a very simple format. There is a sprinkling of lessons that Bryan and the reader learn along the way. Mr. Burns adds a variety of vocabulary words in the conversations between Bryan and the professor. The professor continually lets Bryan and Carol Sue, the young lady, traveling with him understand that learning is a life long process. This book is a Christian fiction book so there is discussion on how to accept Christ. That being said the Christian parts of the book are nicely placed in the story line and does not drag the story down. I would recommend this book to a tween who enjoys Christian fiction and a western story. This book however, would be a hard sell to your typical teen.

* I received an electronic copy of this title through Net Galley.


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