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Purity by Jackson Pearce

Shelby upon her mother’s death made three promises to her mom. Number one, listen and follow her father. Number two, love as much as possible and finally, live without restraint. Shelby for the first four years after her mom’s death followed those rules to the letter. That is until one day her dad announces that he is going to be running the Princess Ball. This ball celebrates purity until a girl’s wedding.

Shelby begins to question if she can obey her follow her in regards to waiting until marriage. That is where this story begins the journey. Jackson Pearce writes the characters in such a way that you can identify them. The story not only explores the issue of sex before marriage but also the relationship between a father and daughter. Another issue that I found myself exploring is whether falling a promise to the letter is more important than the following and understanding the essence of the promise.

Jackson Pearce writes the story in such a way that it opens the dialogue of questioning with these issues without leading the reader in any particular way but to ensure that the reader realizes that other girls are questioning these same issues. It was a short read and was very enjoyable. I companion book that also address the issue of purity would be Terra McVoy’s Pure.  I think girls that like Sarah Dessen will enjoy this book.

Note: I received an advanced copy from the publisher, Little Brown.


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