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Rock On

I recently received a galley  of Rock On by Denise Vega from Little Brown and Company.

Orion discovered early on that he had a gift with the guitar. As he entered high school, he had aspirations to be a rock star. This story looks at Orion and his band’s process to win the local high school battle of the band to hopefully get noticed. The other part of the story is about the relationship between Orion and his big brother Del. Orion always looked up to his big brother, Del. At the same time he feels that he is in the shadows of his brother. Once Del goes off to college, Orion begins to step out of his brother’s shadow and into his own.

This book not only tells the story thorough the written story but also excerpts from the “band’s website”. This lends to the authenticity of life for teens today. It moves the peripheral characters forward and still part of the main story. I enjoyed the story and the story line about Orion and Del’s relationship felt authentic and very relatable to anyone with an older sibling. I would recommend this book to any teen who loves the music scene or loves a story that looks at the relationships of the characters.


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