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Your 100 Day Prayer

I recently finished Your 100 Day Prayer by John I. Snyder. This book is to help your prayer life during a crisis. The introduction discusses when you pray sometimes you have to pray for one request over an extended time period. The book is just as the title implies, during a crisis or a very important request you have one thing in your mind. The book takes that one request and shows you how to pray for 100 days to get an answer.

Each chapter is for a particular day and starts with a bible verse centered around the theme for the day. The author, John L. Synder, then takes that verse and helps the reader interpret it in regards to prayerful request. After discussing the verse, there is a suggestion on how to pray for that day and space in the book to reflect on what you have learned that day.

The last chapter discusses how we as humans like to get answers instantly but that God works on his time. His answer is not always what we have asked but is the best for us. The final pages gives an opportunity to write how your request was answered.

I found this book helpful in my growth for prayer. The bible verses helped strengthen the ties of bible reading to my prayer life. I enjoyed how each chapter helped me put my problem in perspective. This book was very readable and easy to use. I plan on pulling it out periodically and try to continue learning the principles that Mr. Snyder used.

Note: I received a copy of this title from publisher, Thomas Nelson through their book sneeze program.


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