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Adventures with Paul

So I told the hubby that I would spend the day with him. What did he want to do? Of course, he wanted to go to the woods. He wanted to pull a wooden ladder stand, check his maple buckets and put out some minerals to see what deer were moving through a particular wooded area using a trail camera.

Well over the years we have had quite a few adventures together. We have been stuck in the woods when the truck couldn’t get traction. We have seen fawns in the summer when tracking through the woods. The one thing I have learned over the years, is to be prepared. I never go into the woods with Paul in the off-season without a cell phone, camera and recently my ipod touch. The cell phone is of course to call someone to come and get us. The camera is to document the events and or adventures. The ipod touch is to amuse me if we are stuck for a long, long time.

Today wasn’t to bad. The  24-year-old truck wouldn’t start when we close to a mile into the woods. Of course going into the woods, he pointed out where he had gotten stuck last week in the newer truck. (such  comfort.) After a few minutes, the old truck did start-up. I convinced him to keep the truck idling while we (I mean he) loaded the wooden ladder stand into the truck. I never know what will happen but I always know that I will have a story to tell. I wonder what story I will be telling next time…..



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