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How to Save a Life

Jill McSweeny’s life revolved around her father. That world was turned upside down when her father dies. She basically checks out of her former life and just goes through the motions of day-to-day living. Her mother on the other hand, handles her dad’s death totally differently. She decides to continue the plans that she and her husband had made. That’s when Mandy walks in to Jill’s life. Mandy is an unwed mother looking for someone to adopt her baby.

The title lead me to believe that one  particular character was meant to be saved. As I completed the book, I was totally surprised on which character that was. This was an entertaining read and well written. I found myself empathizing with Jill, Mandy and Jill’s mom.  The story is told alternatively through Jill’s point of view and Mandy’s. Through those differing views, you get a glimpse of each of their personalities and the growth of their relationship. This book grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until that last page. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys well written books and stories that explore relationships.
I was given a copy of this title from the publisher.


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