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John Maxwell has written another book to help you succeed in business and in life.  He shows that each of us is given a variety of talent, some of us are lucky to be high in particular talent. This talent though is not enough to succeed.  Mr. Maxwell shows that although talent will often get you in the door or in the game it alone is not enough to keep you successful. He uses a variety of famous people to illustrate his points and each chapter includes a series of exercises and questions to help the reader work on the variety of points.

I found the examples he gave using a variety of people’s lives helpful to understand the variety of things to stretch your talents. The use of a variety of people was helpful so I could relate to several people.  The quotes that he used were also helpful and I intend to keep these at hand to remind me of ways to stretch my talents.

I would recommend these to anyone starting out in their work careers. It helps to remind one that you can not rest on your laurels but you always need to stretch and challenge yourself to continue moving forward to succeed. Even though I am not in my early stages of my career, I was able to come away with a few gems to use in the future. For example, the relationships you have can increase your talent or stagnate your talent. Choosing the right people around you to encourage you is important.

Disclosure: I received a copy from Thomas Nelson through the Book Sneeze program.


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